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a film by Bill Lancaster
written and narrated by Amy Lancaster

"Cultured Bigfoot" takes a look at a sub-culture within a sub-culture, focusing on the people who search for the elusive Bigfoot with more than just belief in its existence. A well-thought-out film that displays the passion from not only the filmmakers, but a community of people searching for something that could not only break scientific boundaries, but pop-culture as we know it.


Cultured Bigfoot, what can I say… the Lancaster’s have put together a collective interview with some of the top researchers on the topic of Bigfoot and brought a 5-star show for the viewers. Not everyone gets the opportunity to meet the likes of Dr. Jeff Meldrum or David Floyd at conferences, so the chance to get to hear them personally is a wonderful treat for many enthusiasts. The approach and follow through with this film covers the basics of what you would want to know about the guests of the Cultured Bigfoot film. This leaves an open ended opportunity for future interviews and more guests to hit the screen at a later date. For one, I enjoyed this film and would recommend this to anyone who has any interest in research. Thank you for including me in the process of viewing this film, I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.”
— Russell Acord, International Bigfoot Conference
Compelling and Inspirational. The movie really takes all of the characters that search for Sasquatch and humanizes them. We are all adults who search for answers but at the end of the day we are all kids looking for the monster in the woods. One day we will find the answer so many of us are searching for. Sasquatch is real and will be proven one day. Great movie I highly recommend it.
— Wes Germer, Sasquatch Chronicles
An Important film that respectfully demonstrates the genuine sincerity of much of this misunderstood and often maligned community. It resets the discussion in a way no previous film has, and treats the topic equitably and soberly.
— Dr. David Floyd, PhD
Cultured Bigfoot is a fantastic summarization of Bigfoot’s history and current relevance in pop culture. Being extremely informative and entertaining makes it a suitable film for both the casual Bigfoot fan and the extreme enthusiast. If you’re looking for a solid summary of the topic of Bigfoot from past to present, this is it!
— Tony Merkel, "The Confessionals Podcast"